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    Are Your Nitric Oxide Levels Up To Par?

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    We are thrilled to announce we now carry Bionox products!

    Bionox is motivating all to live life fully. Unlock your body’s innate power to realize optimum health with trusted, scientifically tested, doctor-formulated nitric oxide solutions. 

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    Bionox nitric oxide supplements work by widening the blood vessels to increase nutrients and oxygen to muscles while active. How are you getting active today?

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    Does anyone else's muscles and bones start to ache after a long work week? Our M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide Nutrition aids in relieving muscle and bone pain while helping circulate blood flow through your body and brain.

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    While it's important to pay attention to your digestion and heart health, you kidneys and liver need attention too. Chelanox Ultimate Heavy metal Detox Formula detoxifies and and removes toxic metals from your body. Get clean today!

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    Motivating Wellness With Dr Jay Podcast

    Heart Rate is the number of times your heart beats every minute on average. Adults are typically between 60~90 heart beats per minute. Those who do a lot of daily exercise will often be under 60 beats per minute in contrast with those who have a lot of stress will often be over 90 beats per minute. 
    So just what is Nitric Oxide(NO)? Over 140,000 articles in the medical literature since 1980 attest that “absolutely everything in the body depends on it.” Its function in human physiology is so important that the American Academy of Science named Nitric Oxide the “Molecule of the year” in 1992.

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